Setup OpenVPN TCP on Android

Setup OpenVPN TCP on Android | OneVPN

1. Download and install OpenVPN Connect App from Google Play Store. Click to download images (1)   2. Download Openvpn TCP Config files from here.   3. Open the downloaded config files’ zip folder.   4. Extract the files.   5. After extracting the files, a folder will be created in your downloads as there in the following screenshot.   6. Move this folder to your ‘Device Storage’.   7. Now open the OpenVPN Connect App which you downloaded in step 1.   8. Tap on “More”.   9. Tap on “Import”.   10. Tap on “Import Profile from SD card”.   11. Now locate the folder named ‘OpenVPN TCP files’ and tap on it.   12. Select your desired server and then tap on “Select”. I selected Australian server here as an example.   13. Do the following:         a. Enter your username and password provided by OneVPN         b. Put a check mark on “Save”         c. Tap on “Connect”.   14. If you are prompted to “Allow connection” then tap on “OK”, otherwise proceed to the next step.   15. Tap on “Continue”.   16. It will be connected shortly and you’re done.   When you need to disconnect, just tap on “Disconnect”. To switch to another server, disconnect first as mentioned in above step and then follow step 8 to 15.