Configure Internet Kill Switch [IKS] on Windows 8

Configure Internet Kill Switch [IKS] on Windows 8 - Knowledgebase

"Make sure to uninstall your antivirus firewall or any other 3rd party firewall as it may disable the IKS and in order for IKS to work make sure that windows firewall is enabled at all times" IKS Configuration.
  1. Click on Network icon and then click on Ethernet connection / Wifi Connection
  1. Check this switch is ON, if yes then no change is required, if no then please switch it ON. Also check firewall is On.
  1. Internet is working fine without VPN. Now start to block Internet traffic without VPN
  1. Download the script from here and then run provided script as administrator. Click yes.
  1. Check one new rule is added in firewall for outbound traffic (only one). Now Internet will be blocked without VPN.
  1. Now dial VPN connection
  1. Start Internet with VPN.
      8. If you want to check if IKS is working or not then disconnect VPN and check.