Configure IKS on Windows 10

Configure IKS on Windows 10

Before you start configuring Internet kill switch make sure that you are not using any anti-virus or 3rd party firewall as they may conflict with IKS and won't let it work properly. Also make sure that windows firewall is on else the internet kill switch won't work.

1. Click on network settings from the system tray next to date and time.
Network Settings

2. Select Wifi or wired connection (which ever you are using) and select "Advanced Options".
Advanced Options

3. Turn the PC discovery option "On".
PC discovery

4. Now make sure that windows firewall is on.

5. Now go to Control Panel and select "Windows Firewall" then select "Advanced Settings".
Windows Firewall

6. Now select "Outbound Rules".
Outbound Rules

7. Now click on "New Rule".
New Rule

8. Select the rule type as "Port" and click on "next".

9. Select the Port type as "TCP" and select "Specific Ports" then enter these port numbers "5, 46, 48-1722, 1724-65535" and select "Next".
Specific Ports

10. Now select "Block Connection" and select "Next".
Block Connection

11. Now select "Private" and click on "Next".

12. Name the rules as "Block all traffic" and select "finish".
Block all traffic

13. Note that now all of your browsing activity has stopped. Its time to connect VPN. Once connected the web browsing will resume and once disconnected the browsing will stop automatically.
Connect VPN

VPN Settings

Note: In order to remove the internet kill switch configuration you will need to restore windows firewall to default settings.

Kill Switch Configuration