Setup PPTP-Protocol on D-Link Router

Setup PPTP on DLink Router | OneVPN

      Important Note:

  • Before you configure "PPTP" protocol on your router you need to make sure that you are able to connect VPN on your PC via PPTP protocol.
  • Moreover, the router you are about to configure PPTP protocol must have "Internet Access".
  • The router in question is a separate router, not the one provided by your "Internet Service Provider(ISP)".
  • Refer to the following diagram and make sure the configuration is identical.
    1. Now access the router’s GUI by typing “” in your web browser and press enter.
    2. The username is "admin" and the password should be left blank.
    3. From the "Manual Internet Connection Options" select "Manual Configure".
    4. From the drop down menu next to "My Internet Connection is" select "PPTP(Username/Password)"    

5. Now select "Dynamic IP" then enter the "server address" in the "Server IP/Name" section. Get the complete list of server from here.

6. Enter OneVPN username in the "PPTP Account" section.

7. Enter OneVPN password in the "PPTP Password" section.

8. Re-enter the OneVPN password in "PPTP Retype Password" section.

9. Depending upon on your usage select the "Connect Mode" as either "Always on, Manual or Connect on demand".


10. Select "Save".