Setup OneVPN on Freebox

Setup OneVPN on Freebox | OneVPN

It can be used as a seedbox (250go HDD); it natively includes Torrent, FTP and Newsgroup client.hat means that freebox encrypts traffic through Torrent, FTP and Newsgroup client, but doesn't encrypt traffic from web browsers and other applications that use different ports.  This tutorial has been made on a Freebox OS 2.1. Find the instruction for PPTP on Freebox 1- Connect to from the local network (Wifi, CPL or Ethernet) or from an external network, type the Freebox IP 2- Enter password 3- You arrive in the User interface, click the "Parametres de la Freebox"     4- Click “Mode advance” tab and then “Client VPN”     5-  Now please go to the "Configuration VPN" tab and click on "Ajouter une connexion" PPTP VPN CONFIGURATION  Description: It can be anything you like, e.g. "OneVPN PPTP" Type de serveur VPN (VPN server type): Choose "PPTP" from the drop-down menu Nom d'hôte (Hostname):  Enter the Server address. Get the list of servers from here Nom d'utilisateur (Username): OneVPN Username Mot de passe (Password): OneVPN Password Mode de chiffrement (Encryption mode): 128 bits and check “MS-CHAPv2” Save Configuration afterwards.