Internet Kill Switch - Win 7

Internet Kill Switch - Win 7

"Make sure to uninstall your antivirus firewall or any other 3rd party firewall as it may disable the IKS and in order for IKS to work make sure that windows firewall is enabled at all times"

1- Click on Network icon and then click on Ethernet connection / Wifi Connection then click on "Open Network And Sharing Center".

Network icon

2- Make sure default connection's location is set to "Public", if not, click on it.
Default connection's location

3- Click on "Public Network" to set location to 'Public'
Public Network

4- Next screen will just confirm your action, click "Close"

5- Open Control Panel.
Control Panel

6- Click on "Windows Firewall"
Windows Firewall

7- Click on "Advanced Settings"
Advanced Settings

8- Click on "Outbound Rules"
Outbound Rules

9- Click on New Rules
New Rules

10- Select Port

11- Select TCP and Specific remote Ports as shown and enter port number in text field as shown. Like: 5, 46, 48-1722, 1724-65535
Port Settings

12- Select "Block the connection"
Block the connection

13- Check "Public"

14- Put "Block all traffic"
Block all traffic

15- Rule is successfully added.

16- You will observe all browsing activity has stopped.
Browsing activity

17- Open up your VPN dialer that you use for VPN connection and connect VPN.
VPN dialer

18- Once VPN is connected, click again on Wifi/Internet icon in system tray and click "Open Network And Sharing Center"
Network And Sharing Center

19 - Make sure the newly established VPN has location set to "Work". If not then click on its location "Work" in current screen.

20- Click on "Work" You are done! Now VPN connection is properly set to "Work" location.

21- Your browsing will now start and internet will now work as normal over VPN. If VPN connection drops then all browsing activity will stop.

VPN connection