OpenVPN TCP & UDP on Mac

OpenVPN TCP & UDP on Mac

  1. Download Tunnelblick on your mac from here.


2. Run the tunnelblick dmg file and it will start installing.
tunnelblick dmg file

3. Upon successful installation double click on "Tunnelblick".

4. It will prompt you to open the application. Click on "Open".

5. The application will show up on the top right hand corner next to the battery symbol.
battery symbol

6. Now go to "Applications" via "Finder" in your mac and double click on "Tunnelblick" to access the application.

7. Once the application windows appears on your screen click on the "+" icon to add configuration and you will receive the following message:

8. Download the OpenVPN config files from here TCP and UDP.

9. Once the OpenVPN config files are downloaded all you need to do is to simply drag and drop the files in the tunnelblick icon next to the battery symbol to add the configuration file.

10. Once done you will receive the following message prompting you to install the OpenVPN config file for "All Users" or "Only me". Click on "All Users".
All Users

11. Now select any of the OpenVPN config files that you have imported and press "connect". Put a check mark on "Reset the primary interface after disconnecting" to ensure web browsing once you have disconnected VPN.

12. Once you press connect, enter the OneVPN username and password then press "OK".

13. You are now connected. Enjoy complete internet freedom.

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