Setup OpenVPN TCP/UDP on iPhone

Setup OpenVPN TCP/UDP on iPhone

  • In order to configure OpenVPN you will need to download two additional applications "File Manger" and "Zip Extractor". These apps are free of charge.
  • File Manager is needed to access and call the .ovpn configuration file.
  • Zip Extractor is needed to extract the .ovpn files which are in zip format.

Step 1. Access "App Store" on your iphone and download OpenVPN.
App Store

Step 2. Once installed then proceed to downloading "File Manager".
File Manager

Step 3. Once installed then proceed to downloading "Zip and Rar extractor".
Zip and Rar extractor

Step 4. Download OpenVPN Configuration files by tapping on TCP and UDP.

Step 5. Once you have downloaded the files then access the "File Manager App" and select "Local Files".
File Manager App

Step 6. Tap on recently downloaded UDP or TCP zip files and it will unzip the .ovpn configuration files.
Zip files

Step 7. Now press and hold any server file and tap on "Open in".
Server file

Open in

Step 8. Now tap on "Copy to OpenVPN".
Copy to OpenVPN

Step 9. Now tap on the "+" symbol to add the configuration file.
Configuration file

Step 10. Now enter the OneVPN username and password as provided to you and toggle on "save" to remember the username and password.

Step 11. Now toggle "on" the sliding button under "Disconnected" to connect OneVPN.

You are now connected. Enjoy complete internet freedom!