Setup OpenVPN TCP on Windows 7

Setup OpenVPN TCP on Windows 7 | OneVPN

You can watch the video tutorials here:   Here’s how to configure OpenVPN on Windows 7: Download OpenVPN config files from here. Step 1: Download OpenVPN Windows Client from logo (32-bit) and for logo (64-bit). Step 2: Double Click to begin the installation process.     Step 3: Click “Next”.     Step 4: Click I “Agree” and then click “Next”.     Step 5: Click “Next”.     Step 6: Click “Install”.     Step 7: Click “Install” to install the Tap Drivers for OpenVPN.     Step 8: OpenVPN setup installation has been completed.     Step 9: Place the config files which you downloaded previously in C:/ProgramFiles/OpenVPN/config folder. Step 10: Run the OpenVPN application by clicking on start then “All Programs”, OpenVPN then right click on OpenVPN GUI and select “Run As Administrator”. You will see the OpenVPN GUI icon in your system tray coming up. Right click on it and select the TCP file and click on “Connect”.         Step 11 : Enter your username and password provided by OneVPN and press “OK”.     Step 12: Connection has been established and OpenVPN icon has gone green which shows the successful connection.     Step 13: You are now connected with TCP. Enjoy complete Internet Freedom!