Setup OpenVPN TCP on Windows Vista

Setup OpenVPN TCP on Windows Vista | OneVPN

Here’s how to Configure OpenVPN on Windows Vista: Download OpenVPN config files from here. Step 1: Download OpenVPN Windows Client from logo (32-bit) and for logo (64-bit). Step 2: Open the downloaded file and click “Next”.     Step 3: Click “I Agree”.        Step 4: Click “Next”.      Step 5: Click “Install”.      Step 6: Click “Next”.     Step 7: Click “Finish”.     Step 8: Place the config files which you downloaded previously in C:/ProgramFiles/ OpenVPN/config folder as shown below in screenshot.     Step 9: Right click on the downloaded OpenVPN GUI, and then select “Run as administrator”.      Step 10: Right click on OpenVPN GUI Icon in system tray and connect with TCP.     Step 11: Enter your Username and Password provided by OneVPN.     Step 12: Connection gets established and OpenVPN icon goes green which shows the successful connection. Step 13: You are connected with TCP. Enjoy complete Internet Freedom!